Partial view of the cloister

View of the Carme Cloister, 14th century

View of the wooden ceiling, 14th century

Panoramic view of the Carme Church

Detail of the gothic wooden ceiling, 14th century

Church and cloister

The church is Gothic. The tympanum of the façade features a sculptural ensemble of the Virgin with the Child, flanked by angels and dating from the mid 14th century. This church has a single nave with side chapels and a wooden ceiling. In other words, its style corresponds to the typical Catalan Gothic church of the mendicant orders.


This church belongs to the convent, although many people know it as the chapel of the Castle. Despite its Gothic style, inside the church boasts all the signs of the large-scale refurbishment project carried out by the counts in the late 19th century. The aim of that project was to recover the Gothic style that had been covered up by the baroque reforms carried out by the friars during their occupation of the convent.


The apse, for example, was completely remade in keeping with the Gothic style. The entire nave was plastered, imitating the ashlars of the apse; and when the false vaulted ceiling was torn down, the church’s original Gothic polychrome coffered ceiling was uncovered. This restoration also entailed the excavation of a large burial crypt, over which a tiled floor had been installed, featuring the canting arms of the Rocabertí family, the “roc”.